True the succes of our club formule, we we cross borders to discover the bahamas.

In cooperation with the sailing boat  catamaran  cat Ppalu we go to direction Exuma cays.

These cays are islands and reefs wide open in great area.

Some reefs like  Norman’s cay, where you can find a crashed plane near the surface, this plane

 was the propriety of a drugs dealer, shooting down by the police.  

Allen’s cay; the island where you can find a lot off leguans, around the island, beautiful reefs

 and tropical dives and snorkelingsites.

Highborne cay;  the place where local fisherman trowing the rest of cleaned fishes  into the

 water and where you can find than a lot of nurse sharks.

Other islands, divesites full of marine life like: warderick wells, staniel cay, shroud cay,

 ships channel, eleuthera...    


Non divers will sure like the snorkeling trips (full of rays, turtles,...) around the islands, sailing,

 kayaking, discover islands and visit the caves of the wellknown james bond movie thunderball.

Price: for the liveaboard seven days/six nights 16880$ divided by  12 =1407 dollar. 1 euro is

 around  0,8 dollar or  1125 euro par person. Include full pension, drinks, guide,

 3till 4 dives a day

Not included: flights (between 800 and 1100 euros p/p) Transfers from and to the airport,

Tips crew, in Florida is it normal to give abouth 10% tips, so provide like 130 euro.

departure: the boat starts to navigate on Saturday noon and the end of the trip is on Friday.

 Other dates are possible, please contact. The flights are from Paris to Miami and then to


Attention:  there are only 12 places on the boat, we rent the boat in full charter wich means that

 the trip is only guaranted when the boat is full. So make the reservation on time.

The best sezon to travel is from october till mai, the temperature is than between 22°c and

 29°c.The water temperature is abouth 25°c and 28°c.

There is no nitrox on board of the cat Ppalu.

Electricity is provide by a generator and only 110v, so don’t forget to bring an adaptor transfo

(110v to 220v) if you want to charge batteries for diving torches or cameras.

On board are 4 cabines with dubbel bed and 2 cabines with single bed.2 showers on the


You have the possibility to stay a few days more in Nassau  after the liveaboard and also for


There is a very small chance to see tiger sharks during the liveaboard. If you want to see tiger

 Sharks than you must travel to the grand bahamas.  

After the safari trip there is the possibility to stay on stuartcoves tiger beach.

Extra: - flights from and to Nassau/ Freeport: 160 dollar.

          - transfers airport/ hotel two way: 70 dollar.

          - on stuart coves tiger beach 2 nights/ one day diving: 556 dollar

          Please contact us for more information