What mean’s our club formule?

                  To rent a safariboat full charter for the diveclub can be expensive if the club

                  Don’t find enough divers. By contact with the “club formula” within deepsphere,

                  clubs, divers or members can arrange to share a boat to have a full charter.

                   ex; 9 divers club A, 11 divers club B en 2 coupels.


   Price?     The price of a  full charter liveaboard will be divided by the numbre of

                   divers on board.

                   Price depending on the kind of safari.



    What is included?

               -Transfers from and to the airport.

               -Forfait drinks.

               -Dive guides.


   What is not included?



                -Tips staff.

               -Reeftaxes; -North




                                -St Johns, Zuid, Abu Fendera, Dolphins





                -The boat has to be completed .

                -In case of annulation or seekness (after confirmation reservation) there must

                    be find a replacement.

                -The facturation (no refundable) must be payed one month for departure.


            Dive clubs, members and individuals can subscribe to receive our

              promotions “club formule”.

             By this subscribe you receive by mail regullary;

                -Nombre of places.

                -Name of the boat.

                -Kind of liveaboard.

                -The price (what and not included).


          Subscribe mail;  info@deepsphere.com